Projects will be held in Jack Brown 122 and 124, throughout different days of the week, with the majority occuring on Friday. The duration of each project will be around one hour. We invite anyone with any level of experience to come and learn new things!

If you would like to learn more about any of our projects simply click on the row of the project you'd like to see and you will get a short description of what each project will cover.

Fall 2022
Project Names Times Room
Red Hat Academy 9-10am JB 122
Web Design 10-11am JB 122
Hacking the Matrix 11-12pm JB 122
Supply Chain Risk Management 11-12pm JB 124
Social Engineering 11-12pm (Wed) JB 122
Programming with Python 12-1pm JB 122
Cyber New Careers 1-2pm JB 122
RFID Project 1-2pm JB 124
Drone Squad 2-3pm JB 122
Lock Picking 3-4pm JB 122
Digital Forensics 4-5pm JB 122
Mobile PenTesting 5-6pm JB 122

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